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Hahei Drinking Water Upgrade


TCDC is undertaking a complete review of water supply and distribution in Hahei. The objective is to future proof Hahei’s water supply, ensuring it complies with all applicable regulatory standards.

At a minimum. the review will examine all potential water sources, the options and benefits of integrating all water systems and providing of water for firefighting.

TCDC will hire consultants to perform the study. We expect the study to be completed by the end of 2019

Throughout the study, the Hahei Community will be consulted. Details of how the consultation will take place will be provided shortly.


Background Information

We are assembling background information to enable us all to understand the development of water in Hahei. Here is the information we have so far.

  1. URS Hahei Water Supply Strategy April 2009 – EWDOCS N1601109 V1 Hahei Water Supply Strategy URS 2009 Draft
  2. Waikato Regional Council Well Testing and Geology Review – June 2008. EWDOCS N1365385 V1 Hahei Sentinel Well Completion Report

If you have any additional information to share with our community, please email it by clicking here