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Residents and Ratepayer Alliance – Coromandel Peninsula

Letter to Mayor, Councillors and Community Board members was sent 27/5/24.

Please note: Hahei Residents & Ratepayers Association is one of the 12 associations represented in the alliance in this approach to Council


Residents and Ratepayer Alliance – Coromandel Peninsula

May 2024

Letter to Residents, Ratepayers and Community Association Members

Dear Residents and Ratepayers

Earlier this year several concerned representatives of residents, ratepayers, and community associations across the Coromandel Peninsula, met to test the viability and capability of having associations work together on matters of district interest. The result was that 13 associations agreed to support the Alliance concept.

Since then meetings have been held to discuss the objectives behind such an arrangement, the issues, and how we would make it work. All our volunteer associations are working towards a common goal, that being the betterment of our various local communities.

It was agreed that having the associations working together on matters of a district interest would enhance our effectiveness.

At our most recent meeting representatives discussed a March 21 meeting which was attended by the Thames Coromandel District Mayor and eight councillors. As a result, your representatives have now formulated matters to put before the council – it is these we wish to share with you.

As a preamble, we have already outlined to the council and achieved agreement that better consultation and communication is required between the council and the residents and ratepayers’ groups.

Unfortunately, we do not believe the council listened and in fact is not consulting. In addition to this we continue to see our community boards losing their effectiveness and becoming irrelevant to the existing council.

We are now advising of actions that our Alliance will be taking – which has been approved by the various associations.

An open letter will be sent to our Mayor Len Salt, this being copied to councillors and elected community board members. We are requesting a response on:

A response is requested by the end of June to the following:

  1. i) The reintroduction of the community empowerment model covering both operational and fiscal matters – thereby enabling community decision making by community boards.
  2. ii) That council’s primary focus be on core services – roading, storm, waste and drinking water, rubbish and recycling – not on social services.
  3. iii) That council commit to undertake genuine and proactive community consultation underpinned by transparent communication on matters relating to local communities.
  4. iv) The development and implementation of a sustainable economic growth policy for the Coromandel Peninsula.

An open letter will be sent on May 27, we have requested a response from the Mayor and Councillors by the end of June 21.

We have 12 associations represented in this approach – it being driven by concerns across those organisations. The issues we are experiencing are wide, varied, and localised. The four aspects we are putting before the council have been drafted to bring them together, so they are dealt with collectively.

Aligned with this letter is a public release which will be made to local media on May 28.

Your representatives have discussed our reaction to potential responses, as yet we do not want to pre-empt anything other than to advise that if council does not support what is being proposed, then we will be looking towards your support for future actions.

If you have any comments or questions, please raise these up with your local residents and ratepayers’ association.

Kind regards

Rob Boston – On Behalf of the Residents and Ratepayers Alliance


Latest Updates on Cathedral Cove

Recent Communications


HRRA letter Mautohe Cathedral Cove Access Options. 7 May 24


The DOC Mautohe Cathedral Cove project team is thankful for your participation at the second preliminary stakeholder session.  


Attendance was high – your efforts to attend the meeting person and online are appreciated. We thought it was a great conversation and want to acknowledge people’s willingness to openly share their views with the group.  


We also want to acknowledge the work of Destination Hauraki Coromandel to bring everybody together and facilitate the conversation as DOC works through this process; Council for letting us use their meeting room, which was key to holding a successful hybrid meeting; and, Ngāti Hei for bringing people together safely with karakia.   


To view the media release go to Walking access reinstatement options announced for Cathedral Cove  


Next steps 

At the meeting we asked for your input into the options under consideration.   Please email your feedback on the options to the Mautohe Cathedral Cove Project team by 11am, Friday 10 May.  Information on the options can be accessed on our website  Mautohe Cathedral Cove – Options under consideration 


We also discussed upcoming community engagement eg community survey, drop-in session. Engagement is a necessary part of the process. In the interest of maximising opportunity for everyone to have a say, we are seeking your support to help communicate these initiatives within the community. We’ll inform you in advance once we have confirmed the dates.


Ngā mihi,


Department of Conservation – Mautohe Cathedral Cove Project team  


Ngā manaakitanga


John Sandford, CMInstD, FNZIM
Trustee and Chair | Destination Hauraki Coromandel Trust
Phone:  021 926 942

Address: ///fidgety.financier.fairly

Rescue Tubes

Rescue TubesThe Hahei Ratepayers Association has placed two new Lifeguard Flotation Devices on Hahei Beach this summer.  The Flotation Devices have had two rescue tubes made and installed along the beach to house them.  As there are no lifeguards this summer the extra lifeguard devices were placed along the beach to enable the Public to access if an emergency arises.  This now brings the total number of devices and rescue tubes to 4 along the beach front.  These are located at:

  • The northern end of the beach at the end of the Tutaritari reserve track.
  • At the bottom of the access staircase to the beach beside the toilet block.
  • Beside the track down to the beach from the resident’s carpark – normally used by the Kayak company to access the beach.
  • At the end of the track (beach side) down from the Camping Ground, just north of where the tractors park.

HRRA would like to acknowledge Donovan & Sons and Chester Plumbing for donating the PVC drainage pipe utilised to manufacture the two rescue tubes to house the Lifeguard Floatation Devices.

GRWA – How to Control Leaks on your Property

Why is Leakage Management Important?

GRWA is a small system with limited pumping capacity. This means that even small leaks can have a significant effect on the amount of available water.

The Grange Road Water system is experiencing excessive leaks on properties and the Committee asks everyone to do your best to eliminate leaks.

To put the challenge in perspective

  • 2022/23 was a record year for leaks – we estimate around 30% of the water pumped into our system was lost to leaks on properties. This is 10% worse than previous years and may cause us to breach our abstraction limit of 9000 m3.
  • Most leaks are on properties – over the last few months we have had 11 significant leaks, 7 were on members’ properties. In addition, we have a continuous leakage of 4000 litres per day. This is due to household leaks such as dripping taps, faulty toilets etc..

Finding leaks is difficult and we need your help, so here are guidelines on what you can do.

Guidelines for Reducing, Finding and Fixing Leaks

Please shut off your water at the toby when you are going to be away for some time. For your information, you may find when you return, that we may have turned off your toby if a leak is suspected on your property.

Many older houses have black alkathene pipe running from the toby to your holding tank. Black alkathene pipe can easily crack and so we recommend you replace it with blue MDPE plastic pipe. Please note that GRWA is responsible for delivering water to your toby only. After the toby, members are responsible.

Many properties have brass float valves. They corrode and have a life of about 10 years. We recommend you replace any brass float valve with a plastic float valve such as the Hansen Mini FastFlo

See .They only cost about $30 and are very easy to install

It is a requirement of GRWA that all connections to your property must be from your own house pump. You must not connect directly to the feed into your house prior to you holding tank float valve.

Please make sure you follow this rule. If you have house leaks, you will hear your house pump starting and stopping.

Look for leaks around your house – toilets and leaking taps are obvious places. But you may have a leaking shower tap or a dripping garden hose. Always turn garden hoses off at the tap – do not rely on hose fittings as these often fail

GRWA Christmas Message 2023

Hello Everyone

We wish everyone a great Christmas and summer holidays.

Over the next two months, it will be very busy in Hahei and this puts great pressure on the limited capacity of our water system. Restrictions on water usage are needed to make sure water is available for everyone  during the summer.

From 18 December until further notice, the use of Grange Road Water supply for the following activities is not permitted:

  • Washing cars, boats or houses
  • Use of sprinklers or hoses for watering gardens

Please make sure anyone using your house is aware of these restrictions.

We also encourage you to follow the following water conservation guidelines:

  • Limit shower times to 2-3 min
  • To keep your plants alive recycle shower water into the garden. Outdoor shower water is easy to collect and recycle
  • During 2023, give some thought to installing a rainwater tank for irrigating your garden next Christmas.
  • Check your toilets. Is there water dribbling into the pan? Only flush the toilet when necessary.
  • Does your water distribution pump switch on and off frequently? This could be an indication of a small leak.
  • Check garden taps and hose. Do not rely on plastic hose connections and sprayers to shut off water. We have several examples of garden hoses bursting wasting thousands of litres of water.
  • Is your storage tank overflowing? Check the float valve and replace it if necessary. Since our water is slightly acidic, be aware float valves can fail

We remind you of the following Association rules which are particularly important during the summer.

  • Turn off your Toby when you are not using the property
  • Do not use Grange Road Water supply for filling or topping up swimming pools or spa pools


Contact details in an emergency:

Duncan Kingsbury  021 393 931

Geoff Hick  0274 844 683

Tim Donovan 027 237 8679

Hahei Wastewater Update 2022

Overall Plan

The current Long Term Plan  (LTP) includes expenditure of $2.784M over three years from 2023 to 2026. The project only encompasses the short-term recommendations from the 2020 Wastewater Expansion Feasibility Study (click here to read the report Hahei Wastewater Expansion Feasibility Study Final ) which is the inclusion of approx. 70 properties in the areas adjacent to the Wigmore Stream. Investigations and design will commence in July 2023 with construction scheduled for 2024-25 and 2025-26.

As we develop the sewage collection system design, we will work with affected properties near the Wigmore Stream to explain costs and options for funding the project.

The medium and long-term recommendations will require improvements to the treatment plant and a new wastewater disposal resource consent.

Wigmore Wastewater Collection Area

Hahei Drinking Water Upgrade – 2022 Update

Bore and Pipeline Development

Two bores have been drilled, constructed and tested. Production Bore 1 (PB1) is constructed to a depth of c. 135m and is on the western side of Hahei Beach Road at the top of ‘Snake Gully’. Production Bore 2 {PB2) is constructed to a depth of c.150m and is on the eastern side of the road, at the bottom of Snake Gully.  At each site, an observation bore was installed to enable monitoring of the groundwater response during the pumping test.

Water quality samples were collected and analyzed.  Results indicate good water quality without elevated metals.

Pumping tests were undertaken at each production bore in accordance with Regional Council consent requirements. Each pumping test occurred over one week which included days of pumping followed by a period of groundwater recovery. Groundwater levels were measured in the production bores, observation bores, two neighbouring private bores during both tests.

The pumping test data is currently being assessed and a report is being drafted. The test results will enable an understanding of the aquifer parameters (how the groundwater responds to pumping the production bore), the sustainable yield of the bores and qualification of the effects of pumping on other bores and surface water (if relevant). Once the report has been received Council will need to consider the results and then engage with the relevant land and bore owners. Ultimately resource consent (water permit) will need to be sought from Waikato Regional Council. We anticipate that a consent application will be lodged in 2023.

Design and contract documentation is being prepared for the pipelines from the bores to the new Water Treatment Plant.  The documentation will also include a new rising main pipeline from the water treatment plant to the Grierson Close reservoir.

Bore Indicative Locations

Water Treatment Plant Progress

The concept design of the new Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is complete and enabling works required by the geotechnical design have commenced. This involves significant pre-loading of the site that will be monitored for the period until the required improvements are achieved.

Completion of the WTP is scheduled for late 2023 but the required pre-load consolidation period is somewhat unknown, but it should not slip past the end of the 2023-24 financial year.

Water Treatment Plant Concept Design

Whanganui-A-Hei (Cathedral Cove) Marine Reserve extension

Whanganui-A-Hei (Cathedral Cove) Marine Reserve Extension

Dept of Conservation (DoC) Consultation
Submissions due 28 October 2022

DoC is calling for submissions on the marine protection plan for the Hauraki Gulf. The plan includes the extension of the Whanganui-A-Hei (Cathedral Cove) Marine Reserve.

You can read DoC’s call for submissions here.

We will discuss the proposed plan at the AGM to help determine how we, as an affected community, respond.

In the meantime, here is some background information

  1. History/Sea Change – after 3 years of consultation, a non-statutory plan to improve the health of the Hauraki Gulf was published in April 2017.  The plan, Sea Change, included amongst 180 proposals, a recommendation to extend the Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve. The Sea Change plan contained several controversial recommendations, so it was shelved for a few years. Last year, the government decided to move ahead and created an advisory group to implement the plan. Marine reserves implementation is to be handled by DOC, while the Ministry of Fisheries will take care of matters. You can read more details here. Alternatively, Stuff produced an interesting documentary on the state of Hauraki Gulf. Click here to watch it.
  2. Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve Expansion Details –. To read the detailed assessment of ALL proposed Marine Protection Areas (MPAs), go here. This is a 116-page document, and to save you time, click here Hahei Marine Reserve Technical Report for 5 pages related to Hahei. The current plan is to expand the marine reserve about halfway along Hahei Beach, out to Mahurangi Island, and then out across Mercury Bay. An additional 14.6km2 would be included in the reserve. Here is what is proposed

Key issues for Hahei Marine Reserve Expansion e – Here are some key issues for the Hahei Community

    1. Hahei Beach Boundary – it is currently proposed that half the length of Hahei Beach is included in the expanded reserve. Do we agree? How will it be signposted Is direct access from the beach important? It is important that we retain the right to launch small boats/kayaks along the whole beach. Should the beach not be included?
    2. Other Boundaries – Are there any other comments on other boundaries?
    3. Enforcement – There is no point in expanding the reserve unless DOC provides better enforcement.
    4. Congestion – Over the busy holiday season, there are often a large number of boats anchored in the current reserve. Should we propose restrictions on the number of boats?

We recognise that many of you have strong views on the expansion and we encourage you to make a submission directly to DoC.
At the AGM, we will discuss the expansion and if there is a consensus, the Hahei Residents and Ratepayers Association may make a submission.

Election 2022 – Candidate Views on Hahei Issues

Hahei Residents and Ratepayers Association invited candidates for TCDC leadership positions to provide their views on key Hahei issues. We wanted to understand their position on the following topics which are frequently discussed in Hahei.

  1. Hahei Reticulated Sewage – What do you propose doing about it? It continually gets delayed. Are you happy for further development to occur in Hahei with no reticulated sewage system?
  2. Three Waters – If you don’t support the proposed Three Waters reform, how do you propose Council pay for sewage and water in Hahei
  3. Hahei Drinking Water – Approximately half of Hahei properties are provided with non-potable water. Are you concerned? What do you propose to do about it.
  4. Hahei Village Development – many Hahei residents are concerned about the expansion and development of Hahei. What is your position?
  5. Expansion of te Whanganui a Hei Marine Reserve/SeaChange Initiative – Do you support the expansion of marine protected areas as proposed in the SeaChange Program?
  6. Climate Change/Coastal Degradation – We are concerned that properties in Hahei will become uninsurable due to climate change. What is your strategy to mitigate the effects of climate change and who pays?

Here are their responses.

Mayoral Candidates

Click on the following links for their response to our questions

Mercury Bay Council Candidates

Click on the following links for their response to our questions

Mercurry Bay Community Board Candidates

We have had no response to our questions – sorry. For your information, you can find some information in the Whitianga Informer

The candidates are

  • Caroline Hobman
  • Billie Hunter
  • Bess Kingi
  • Peter MacKenzie
  • Krissy Robinson