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GRWA Christmas Message 2023

Hello Everyone

We wish everyone a great Christmas and summer holidays.

Over the next two months, it will be very busy in Hahei and this puts great pressure on the limited capacity of our water system. Restrictions on water usage are needed to make sure water is available for everyone  during the summer.

From 18 December until further notice, the use of Grange Road Water supply for the following activities is not permitted:

  • Washing cars, boats or houses
  • Use of sprinklers or hoses for watering gardens

Please make sure anyone using your house is aware of these restrictions.

We also encourage you to follow the following water conservation guidelines:

  • Limit shower times to 2-3 min
  • To keep your plants alive recycle shower water into the garden. Outdoor shower water is easy to collect and recycle
  • During 2023, give some thought to installing a rainwater tank for irrigating your garden next Christmas.
  • Check your toilets. Is there water dribbling into the pan? Only flush the toilet when necessary.
  • Does your water distribution pump switch on and off frequently? This could be an indication of a small leak.
  • Check garden taps and hose. Do not rely on plastic hose connections and sprayers to shut off water. We have several examples of garden hoses bursting wasting thousands of litres of water.
  • Is your storage tank overflowing? Check the float valve and replace it if necessary. Since our water is slightly acidic, be aware float valves can fail

We remind you of the following Association rules which are particularly important during the summer.

  • Turn off your Toby when you are not using the property
  • Do not use Grange Road Water supply for filling or topping up swimming pools or spa pools


Contact details in an emergency:

Duncan Kingsbury  021 393 931

Geoff Hick  0274 844 683

Tim Donovan 027 237 8679


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