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Hahei Drinking Water


As Hahei has been grown, four separate water distribution systems have been installed to serve each new development. The separate systems are

  • TCDC Water Supply
  • Hahei Water Association
  • Hahei Holiday Resort
  • Grange Road Water Association

A large area of Hahei relies on rainwater tanks.

Hahei Beach Coromandel Drinking Water Systems Map

Current Issues

As Hahei’s population has grown, so has the demand for water. Most of the current water infrastructure was designed for a small holiday destination. But we are now a popular tourist destination with a growing number of permanent residents. Also, houses are growing in size with multiple bathrooms, gardens increasing demand for water.

Currently, water is sourced from various bores, as shown above. But the bores have limited capacity, particularly for TCDC and the Hahei Water Association.

Following the Havelock North Water contamination, the government has implemented a demanding compliance program for all water supplies, including small private water systems. Water must be treated to a high quality and it must be tested regularly. Every water system must have a Water Safety Plan which is audited frequently.

To comply with the new standards, water treatment plants have to upgraded and personnel operating the system must be suitably qualified.

This makes the operation of private water supplies difficult and many are looking at alternative options. In addition, councils must invest in their current systems to comply with the new regulations.

Currently, there is limited treated water storage in Hahei. We need more storage to get us through the busy Christmas holiday season.

None of the water distributions comply with current NZ Fire Fighting water standards, and as we experience more extreme weather, we need to consider upgrading Hahei’s water distribution pipe.