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No Expansion of Paid Parking at Hot Water Beach

Domain Car Park will not be Paid Parking

We recently noticed TCDC staff had submitted a proposal to make the Domain Car Park at Hot Water Beach paid parking, similar to the main shopping/parking area at Hot Water Beach. You can read TCDC proposal here. TCDC HotWater DomainParking Proposal

We were very surprised to learn of this proposal and wrote a letter to TCDC. You can read our letter here. Hot Water Beach Parking

Along with other concerned residents, we attended the TCDC Mercury Bay Community Board meeting on 7 July 2022. We felt it was very important that TCDC should not proceed with paid parking at one of our most popular beaches. You can view the meeting on TCDC’s website or by clicking hereĀ 

We are pleased to report that our Community Board decided NOT to implement paid parking.

The meeting was reported in the Bay of Plenty Times/NZ Herald. Click to here read itĀ 

We would like to thank the Community Board for making the right decision in this case. However, we need better ways of paying for the infrastructure that tourists demand – with an 8.8% increase in rates next year, we need to work with TCDC to propose council cost savings or new revenue sources.


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