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Reserves Management Plan Update

HRRA Submitted Comments on Draft Reserve Management Plans

After considerable debate, Hahei Ratepayers and Residents Association has prepared a submission for the Draft TCDC Mercury Bay Reserve Management Plan. You can download it by clicking here Hahei Reserves Submission2020Final

Draft Reserve Management Plans are Ready for Consultation

At TCDC Council Meeting, 15 September 2020, TCDC approved draft Reserve Management Plans for our area. TCDC is now requesting submissions on these plans. You have until 7th December 2020 to comment. For more details, go to the TCDC website by clicking here

Here is the Draft Mercury Bay Reserve Management Plan (all 190 pages), Draft Mercury Bay Reserves Management Plan, that you will be commenting on.

For an overview of Hahei Reserves, click here. Hahei Reserves Map

For detailed management plans, click on the following.

Pre-consultation in Whitianga

Pre-consultation on the Mercury Bay Reserve Management Plan/s was held on 3 July 2020. Two drop-in feedback sessions were held in Whitianga. 53 people attended across the two sessions. A range of feedback was received from the community, and the following themes emerged:

  • Manage vehicles on beaches and reserves, such as tour buses, campervans, boat trailers
  • Define and/or formalise walkways & access points to reserves
  • Better manage concessions and permits on reserve
  • Protect trees (native trees and shade trees)
  • Protect and encourage plantings on dunes and wetland areas to stop erosion
  • Protect bird habitats
  • Work with DOC to address issues on adjoining reserves
  • Maintain open space for recreation
  • Preserve the natural environments within reserves
  • Protect historical and archaeological sites of importance.
  • Control animal and pest plants.

Overall TCDC Reserves Management Plan Update Strategy

TCDC has been progressively updating Reserve Management Plans (RMP) over the past few years. So far, TCDC have completed the following

  • General Policies
  • Coromandel – Colville
  • Thames and Thames Coast
  • Whangamata (Reviewed in 2017)

Further information about TCDC Reserve Management plan updating process can be found by clicking here. 

Update of Mercury Bay Reserve Management Plan

The Mercury Bay RMP was last reviewed in 2007/8 and it is planned to be updated in 2020.

The Reserve Management Plans are very important documents. They determine how each Reserve is developed over the long term, and crucially for Hahei, control how Concession Operators at each Reserve. For instance, they control how many Concessionaires can operate from Reserves adjacent to  Hahei Beach. In addition, the RMP for each reserve will control boat ramp operations, vehicle movements, off-leash dog areas, parties and events etc.

In 2018, TCDC requested the HRRA submit preliminary suggestions for each reserve. Based on numerous discussions with our community, our reserves group submitted this document. Hahei Reserves SubmissionFinal


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