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Residents and Ratepayer Alliance – Coromandel Peninsula

Letter to Mayor, Councillors and Community Board members was sent 27/5/24.

Please note: Hahei Residents & Ratepayers Association is one of the 12 associations represented in the alliance in this approach to Council


Residents and Ratepayer Alliance – Coromandel Peninsula

May 2024

Letter to Residents, Ratepayers and Community Association Members

Dear Residents and Ratepayers

Earlier this year several concerned representatives of residents, ratepayers, and community associations across the Coromandel Peninsula, met to test the viability and capability of having associations work together on matters of district interest. The result was that 13 associations agreed to support the Alliance concept.

Since then meetings have been held to discuss the objectives behind such an arrangement, the issues, and how we would make it work. All our volunteer associations are working towards a common goal, that being the betterment of our various local communities.

It was agreed that having the associations working together on matters of a district interest would enhance our effectiveness.

At our most recent meeting representatives discussed a March 21 meeting which was attended by the Thames Coromandel District Mayor and eight councillors. As a result, your representatives have now formulated matters to put before the council – it is these we wish to share with you.

As a preamble, we have already outlined to the council and achieved agreement that better consultation and communication is required between the council and the residents and ratepayers’ groups.

Unfortunately, we do not believe the council listened and in fact is not consulting. In addition to this we continue to see our community boards losing their effectiveness and becoming irrelevant to the existing council.

We are now advising of actions that our Alliance will be taking – which has been approved by the various associations.

An open letter will be sent to our Mayor Len Salt, this being copied to councillors and elected community board members. We are requesting a response on:

A response is requested by the end of June to the following:

  1. i) The reintroduction of the community empowerment model covering both operational and fiscal matters – thereby enabling community decision making by community boards.
  2. ii) That council’s primary focus be on core services – roading, storm, waste and drinking water, rubbish and recycling – not on social services.
  3. iii) That council commit to undertake genuine and proactive community consultation underpinned by transparent communication on matters relating to local communities.
  4. iv) The development and implementation of a sustainable economic growth policy for the Coromandel Peninsula.

An open letter will be sent on May 27, we have requested a response from the Mayor and Councillors by the end of June 21.

We have 12 associations represented in this approach – it being driven by concerns across those organisations. The issues we are experiencing are wide, varied, and localised. The four aspects we are putting before the council have been drafted to bring them together, so they are dealt with collectively.

Aligned with this letter is a public release which will be made to local media on May 28.

Your representatives have discussed our reaction to potential responses, as yet we do not want to pre-empt anything other than to advise that if council does not support what is being proposed, then we will be looking towards your support for future actions.

If you have any comments or questions, please raise these up with your local residents and ratepayers’ association.

Kind regards

Rob Boston – On Behalf of the Residents and Ratepayers Alliance



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