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Skateboard Half Pipe
Plan to Relocate Whitianga Surplus Half Pipe to Kotare Reserve, Hahei

Current Status

We understand Hahei has been selected as TCDC’s preferred location for the surplus Half Pipe. TCDC and our community are working to relocate over winter/spring so it will be operational for summer.

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TCDC is upgrading the skate park in Whitianga and has determined that the current skater half pipe is will not be needed in Whitianga. To decide where it should be relocated, TCDC requested communities to submit an Expression of  Interest in the existing Half Pipe.

A number of Hahei residents were interested and a community meeting was arranged to discussed options. You can read the Minutes of Meeting here. Minutes Skateboard Meeting Rev1

At the meeting, there was enthusiastic support to move the Whitianga half pipe in the Kotare reserve near the toilet block.

As there was strong local support at the meeting, we submitted an Expression of Interest (EIO) to relocate the Half Pipe Hahei.. You can download our EIO here. HalfPipe EOIFinal1

TCDC is now evaluating our EIO and if we are successful, the Half Pipe would be relocated to Hahei in the New Year.

If you have any comments, please post them below


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