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Your Visit To Hahei

Welcome to Hahei – the Jewel of the Coromandel.

We hope you have a wonderful time during your visit to Hahei. Here are some tips to make your time here more enjoyable.


We recommend visitors to Hahei should use the Visitor Car Park located at the entrance to Hahei. IT IS FREE. From here you can either enjoy a pleasant walk to the beach, and then on to Cathedral Cove.

Alternatively, you can

  • Take the Shuttle bus from the Visitor Car Park
  • Ride the Water Taxi from Hahei Beach

This is great place for camper vans to park for the day. It has plenty of room. Avoid driving into Hahei as there is no overnight parking for camper vans

This small car park on the beach at the end of Hahei Beach Rd is great, but frequently full

Hahei Beach Ariel Photo

Avoid this car park in summer. It is frequently jammed with traffic. Take the bus or enjoy the walk from the beach or up Grange Road. The views are amazing

Hahei Beach Coromandel Cathedral Cove

Hahei Weather

Food in Hahei

Activities in Hahei

Accomodation in Hahei

Click here for more information on things to do during your visit to Hahei.