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Covid-19 Lock Down in Hahei

Stay Safe. Stay in your Bubble. Stay well.

For the latest information, frequently visit the TCDC COVID-19 Website by clicking here

General Information.

Coronaviruses are a broad range of viruses which at one end of the spectrum cause the common cold, but at the other end, cause potentially fatal diseases such as MERS and SARS. Click Here for further details.

The main features of Covid-19 are fever, cough, chest tightness, fatigue, headache and shortness of breath. In many cases, people in the community will have minor symptoms or may be asymptomatic. It appears that 80% will have mild symptoms or none, 15% will be severely unwell and 5% critically unwell.

The most at risk are the elderly and those with significant co-existing chronic illness

The Hahei Situation.

Hahei must be one of the best places to isolate in NZ. We are at the end of a road, have a supportive community, access to food supplies and emergency medical attention. There are a few unique local situations we should be aware of:

1.  Cathedral Cove Walk

DOC has closed its tracks and indeed have erected cones at start of the Cathedral Cove track at the top car park. They have valid reasons for doing this which include

  • The tracks are narrow at times and it is impossible to maintain a two metre distance between people.
  • If someone were to fall or suffer a medical event, it could be some time before they were found.
  • To rescue someone from a track would put our emergency staff at the risk of possible infection.

Please be sensible and stay off these tracks.

2. Local Food Supply

Shane and Danae are providing a wonderful service at the shop. Along with their staff, they are a great asset to our community. At present they are allowing one customer in at a time. Please form an orderly line outside and be aware that if you sit at a table, the virus could be on that surface. It is better to stand and if the queue is long, go for a walk and come back. They are also providing a delivery service for the elderly and the chronically unwell. This is a great service, works well and can be accessed by emailing your list to

3. Social isolation

As the lockdown heads to four weeks, or possibly longer, there becomes an increased risk that our moods could alter leading to anxiety and depression or exacerbate these conditions. It is important to stay in touch. Regularly phone a family member or friend. Receiving such a call is a real boost, as is sending one. Use the various social media apps available. Old friends in particular will enjoy and be grateful for the contact.  If you are on your daily walk and see someone you know, call out, make contact and share the moment – at a distance of two metres of course!

Some important phone numbers:

  • Healthline – to discuss symptoms and the necessity of testing and medical attention 0800 3585 453. If you have symptoms, do this immediately.
  • Phone your local GP for non-Covid related health issues and for COVID -19 advice if you are having difficulty with Healthline access.
  • If you are having difficulty accessing food, groceries and medication, phone 0800 800 405. This is the Waikato Civil Defence and emergency group. It is a new service and its efficacy is yet to be tested. It is not to replace other services, but may become necessary in the weeks to come.
  • For mental health issues and access to counselling and advice please phone Lifeline 0800 543 354 or TEXT 1737 anytime for support from a trained counsellor.

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