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Grange Road Water Association
Our community run water system

Grange Road Water Association

The Grange Road Water Association (GRWA) is a registered charity, managed by volunteers, delivering water to 78 properties in Grange Rd, Hahei. GRWA was set up originally with help from Vaughn Harsant when the Grange Rd area was subdivided in the 1970s.

Water is sourced from 3 bores in Patricia Place and then pumped to storage tanks at the entrance to Cathedral Heights. Over the years the system has been maintained and upgraded by volunteers and local contractors. The water quality is regularly checked to ensure it complied with NZ Drinking Water Standards. Generally there is plenty of water to supply residents except during the busy holiday season when our bore pumps can barely cope.

We are a volunteer organisation that depends on all our members to act responsibly and help to keep our water system running efficiently. Most importantly, we expect everyone to use our precious water wisely and control any leaks on their properties. As a small system, even small leaks have a significant effect on our ability to deliver water to everyone.

Three Waters (Drinking, Sewage and Stormwater) management in New Zealand is currently undergoing major changes in New Zealand. The GRWA Committee plans to continue operating our system, doing our best to comply with new regulations as they emerge.

GRWA Committee

The GRWA Committee for 2021/2022 is:

ChairpersonDuncan Kingsbury
Vice Chairperson – Bill Stead
SecretaryLiz MacIntyre
Treasurer – Penne Clayton
Committee Members – Geoff Hick, Allan Mackey, Marc Osborne, Greg Dickie.

To contact any committee member, simply click on their name.

Email Address: Secretary GRWA

We welcome all property owners to join the committee or attend committee meetings. We need your help

The GRWA Annual General Meeting normally takes place in April every year in the Hahei Community Hall. We strongly recommend that all property owners attend as we discuss and agree on key issues such as annual charges, planned investment etc.

Committee meetings take place as needed. Minutes of these meetings can be viewed by contacting the GRWA Secretary

AGM minutes can be downloaded from the following links


Compliance Documentation

Waikato Regional Council is responsible for monitoring and controlling groundwater in our area. GRWA has a permit to take water from our Patricia Place Bores. A copy of the Abstraction Permit can be downloaded here.Resource Consent Certificate 141413

The permit requires us to operate the water system responsibly. You can read the agreed Water Management Plan here. GRWA Water Management Plan Dec19

Taumata Arowai, the new Government Water quality regulator, requires that we submit a water safety plan. You can read our plan here. GRWA DWSP Signed

Here are the two key documents applicable to our system

For more information, click here to visit the  Taumata Arowai webpage.

GRWA Documentation

All property owners must ensure that they and any occupants such as renters or visitors comply with these rules. Guidelines Doc December 2016 For Householders

Current Rules of Grange Road Water Association can be downloaded here GRWA Rules April 2021