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Residents and Ratepayers

Reserves Management Plan Update

Draft Reserve Management Plans are Ready for Consultation

At TCDC Council Meeting, 15 September 2020, TCDC approved draft Reserve Management Plans for our area. TCDC is now requesting submissions on these plans. You have until 7th December 2020 to comment. For more details, go to the TCDC website by clicking here

Here is the Draft Mercury Bay Reserve Management Plan (all 190 pages), Draft Mercury Bay Reserves Management Plan, that you will be commenting on.

For an overview of Hahei Reserves, click here. Hahei Reserves Map

For detailed management plans, click on the following.

Pre-consultation in Whitianga

Pre-consultation on the Mercury Bay Reserve Management Plan/s was held on 3 July 2020. Two drop-in feedback sessions were held in Whitianga. 53 people attended across the two sessions. A range of feedback was received from the community, and the following themes emerged:

  • Manage vehicles on beaches and reserves, such as tour buses, campervans, boat trailers
  • Define and/or formalise walkways & access points to reserves
  • Better manage concessions and permits on reserve
  • Protect trees (native trees and shade trees)
  • Protect and encourage plantings on dunes and wetland areas to stop erosion
  • Protect bird habitats
  • Work with DOC to address issues on adjoining reserves
  • Maintain open space for recreation
  • Preserve the natural environments within reserves
  • Protect historical and archaeological sites of importance.
  • Control animal and pest plants.

Overall TCDC Reserves Management Plan Update Strategy

TCDC has been progressively updating Reserve Management Plans (RMP) over the past few years. So far, TCDC have completed the following

  • General Policies
  • Coromandel – Colville
  • Thames and Thames Coast
  • Whangamata (Reviewed in 2017)

Further information about TCDC Reserve Management plan updating process can be found by clicking here. 

Update of Mercury Bay Reserve Management Plan

The Mercury Bay RMP was last reviewed in 2007/8 and it is planned to be updated in 2020.

The Reserve Management Plans are very important documents. They determine how each Reserve is developed over the long term, and crucially for Hahei, control how Concession Operators at each Reserve. For instance, they control how many Concessionaires can operate from Reserves adjacent to  Hahei Beach. In addition, the RMP for each reserve will control boat ramp operations, vehicle movements, off-leash dog areas, parties and events etc.

In 2018, TCDC requested the HRRA submit preliminary suggestions for each reserve. Based on numerous discussions with our community, our reserves group submitted this document. Hahei Reserves SubmissionFinal

Hahei Sewage Treatment Plant – “Significantly non-Compliant”
Action needed by TCDC

Waikato Regional Council (WRC) Review.

During most of 2018 HR&RA committee members were aware that the Hahei Sewage Treatment Plant was not operating in accordance with its Resource Management Act discharge standards. In particular, the levels of E Coli were consistently above the allowable limits.

In response to our requests, WRC conducted a review of the plant. You can read the WRC reports here


Site compliance report Hahei WWTP

These reports state that the Overall Site Compliance is considered to be “Significant Non Compliant“. The report contains a number of actions for TCDC to undertake.

We recommend you read the reports in detail.

Action by TCDC.

Since the compliance report was issued on 7 March 2019, we have asked TCDC to  tell us what action they are taking to ensure that the plant operates in compliance with its discharge standards.

Disappointingly, TCDC staff have not provided an update, so we have written to the Mercury Bay Community Board requesting an update. See our letter here Hahei Water Sewage.

The letter is to be considered at the Mercury Bay Community Board Meeting 28th August 2019 at 10.00 am. If you are interested in the performance of our sewage treatment plant, we recommend you attend the meeting.

Hahei Walk and Toilet Upgrade – Latest News

Meet TCDC Project Manager, Ross Ashby.

When: Saturday Jan 5 at Community Hall from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm

TCDC would like your feed back on the new Village walks and the Hahei Centre Toilet.

The walks will go from the Visitor Car Park to the beach and on to the DoC Cliff Walk to Cathedral Cove. The new toilet will replace the toilet block near the children’s playground.

Here are the current concept designs and form for feed back. Hahei Tourist Walkway Feedback Form V2

This your chance to comment on how the TIF – Funded Walk and Toilet upgrade will be implemented.

Please come and tell Ross what you would like to see implemented

Holiday Season Survival Guide

Be Safe and Considerate

Hahei will be extra busy this summer as we welcome Kiwis on holiday and visitors from around the world.

We want everyone to have a great time and here are some tips to help everyone have the best summer holiday ever.

  • Don’t light fires and fireworks – there is a total ban on fires in the Coromandel , Click here for details . In Hahei, this applies to the Beach, Parks and Reserves, and private properties. Specifically, no fires, no Chinese Lanterns, and no fireworks. Please respect this ban to protect our community. During previous summer holidays, we have had at least 3 disastrous fires caused by fireworks so please NO FIREWORKS this year.
  • Use the Hahei Visitors Car Park – on most days, there will be room and it is free this year. Its a short walk to the beach, so enjoy the atmosphere and stop at the shops on the way. To make it safer, this year there will be a pedestrian walking strip on Hahei Beach Road from the shops to the beach. Forget about trying to find a park at the Grange Road car park; it is drop off only.  Don’t waste your time joining the 1000’s of other cars making the pointless journey up and down Grange Road.
  • Swim Safely –  Swim in the ocean and avoid the Wigmore Stream and Tutaritari Streams, especially during and after rain. Both streams may be polluted and could cause you to become sick. For the details of water quality in the Wigmore Stream and Tutaritari Stream click here and here. E Coli up to 8000 E Coli/100ml have been recorded recently and and the maximum recommended for swimmable water is 550 E Coli/100ml.   This recommendation applies to your pets too.
  • Love Hahei and be considerate of others. Specifically:
    • Tractor drivers – please think of others trying to enjoy the beach. Don’t park beyond the Wigmore Steps. Also, please respect the bylaw that beach access is restricted to boat launching only. Please don’t take you quad bike or vehicle on the beach.
    • Boaties – please keep your speed to less that 5 knots when you are within 50 metres of a swimmer or 200 meters of the of the shore. Its the law. Click here for details
    • Protect our beautiful Environment – Clean up after your picnic, particularly plastic bags that kill birds and fish. Better still, don’t use plastic bags when shopping – reusable bags are readily available. Remember, all solid waste has to be transported off the Coromandel to landfill.
    •  Park responsibly – a short walk is good for your health, parking like a muppet isn’t!!
    • Surf Life Saving at Hahei and Cathedral Cove –  Hot Water Beach Surf Lifesaving will have lifeguards at both Hahei Beach and at Cathedral Cove for January. Please follow their advice.
    • Emergency Services – Remember: In an emergency, please don’t call a person/people you know locally – they may be having a well-deserved day off. Call 111 and the dispatcher can have help, and backup if needed, mobilised immediately.
  • TCDC Summer Travel Recommendations – Our council has good advice for the whole of the Coromandel. Click here to read it.

TIF Investment Program 2019

Community Consultation Feedback

In January and February 2019, TCDC undertook  a community consultation. There were 61 submissions and you can read TCDC’s feedback summary here. Hahei Central Toilets and Tourism Walkway summary of Consultation and Solutions.

Ross Ashby will be discussing the report at the AGM on Saturday, 20th April. Prior to the meeting, we strongly recommend you read the document. However, here are some key points

  • There were 61 Walkway and 45 Central Toilet submissions
  • Parking on Hahei Beach Road remains a open issue.
  • Numerous comments about walk along beach from Hahei Beach Front Car Park.
  • Better signage needed.
  • Keep new toilet in current location, 4 Pan colonial design.


As many of you will know, TCDC was successful in securing $1.427m from the Tourist Investment Fund (TIF). Click here for the official announcement. TCDC will contribute additional funding, so that overall, we can look forward to receiving an investment of almost $2m. This is one of the largest investments in Hahei for a while, so we need to work with TCDC to make sure the money is spent wisely.

The funds will be invested in 3 areas

  • Expand the Visitor Car Park. When complete the car park will have a capacity of approximately 500 vehicles.
  • Build safe, all weather walking paths from the Visitor Car Park to the Beach, connecting with the DoC Walk around the cliff to Cathedral Cove.
  • Re-build the Community Toilets near the community centre playground

On this page, we have provided preliminary information where the funds will be spent and some ideas and issues for you to consider.

TCDC has now developed preliminary designs and is seeking your input. Click here to see the designs and have you say on the project.

We need some creative ideas! If you have any suggestions, please email Ross Ashby, TCDC Project Manager.

Construction is planned to commence after Easter 2019 next year so we have time to develop wonderful designs.

Preliminary Overview of What is Proposed

With the growth in visitors to Hahei, the recently completed 180 vehicle design capacity Visitor Car Park is being fully utilised. For example, over Labour Weekend 2018, over 300 vehicles were parked on some days.

The car park will be extended to cover all the space available, covering the area which as once an overflow pond for the sewage treatment plant. To see a preliminary drawing click here CarParkExt002CarParkExt001

Here are Issues/Options to Consider

Kotare Domain

This is a beautiful underdeveloped area in Hahei. With an all weather track passing through it, there are a number of options, such as

  • Picnic area with permanent seats and tables
  • Statue area for local artists to display their creations
  • Expanded garden area for birds

Any other ideas?

But we must make sure local residents are not disturbed by increase walking traffic.

Hahei Beach Road Walk

It is planned to build an all weather Hoggin path from Grange Road to the Hahei Beach Car Park. This will replace the temporary walking path installed January. Some issues

  • How will it interface with residents driveways?
  • The path should be landscaped with decorative rocks/shrubs to define it and provide safety from vehicles on the road. Any suggestions?
  • Should we retain the grass berms rather than a Hoggin path? Experience shows grass wears out over summer.

Any other suggestions?

Walk from Beach Car Park to DoC Track

This is the most challenging area. The Walk will travel past a beautiful Pōhutukawa, over the Tutaritari Stream, along the sand dunes to connect with the start of the DoC track.  100,000 people walked the DoC track last year, a 50% increase on the previous year, so we can expect this path to be used a lot. Here are some issues to be considered.

  • How do we protect the beautiful Pōhutukawa at the start of the walk?
  • A wooden bridge is proposed to cross the Tutaritari Stream. What is the best location for the bridge? How much board walk is needed on either side of the bridge?
  • What is the best route through the dunes?
  • How can we protect the dotterels that regularly nest in this section of Hahei Beach?
  • Should we plant this section to stabilise the dunes?
  • How can we protect the privacy of neighbours?

Walk from Visitor Car Park to Beach via Michelle Lane, John Spear Ave, Harsant Ave.

This walk will provide an alternative option for people to go beach. It is proposed to build an all weather walk around the edge of the Kotare Reserve. Some issues are

  • How much will it be used? Should it connect to other walks and parks such as the Memorial Garden and the Wigmore Stream walk.
  • What landscaping should be done around the Kotare Reserve?
  • How can ensure the privacy of neighbours is protected?

Any other ideas?

Community Toilet Upgrade

The Community Toilets will be replaced with new larger toilets to cope with the number of visitors we receive. Some issues to be considered are

  • Should the new toilets be located on exactly the same location?
  • What should be the overall architectural design style? Similar to the Community Hall?
  • How will they integrate into the area? An extended verandah for parents looking after children at the playground?

Any other ideas?


This is a large investment in Hahei and so we need to make sure it used to wisely. Here are issues to consider

  • Should some of the TIF funds be spent on a footpath along Hahei Beach Road from Visitor Car Park to Pa Road. There is no path there now, and it is a very hazardous area. It should be funded from Mercury Bay Community Footpath fund but this fund seems has been used for the Whitianga Town Centre upgrade. We have requested TCDC to install a foot path there for many years with no success. Both the Walks and the footpath and essential and we should not be forced to choose one or the other.
  • Are the Walks in the right locations? For instance, should be build a walk along Wigmore Stream to the beach?

Any other ideas?

What is a Hoggin Path??

In case you have never heard of a Hoggin Path, it is compactable ground cover that is composed of a mixture of clay, gravel, and sand or granite dust. The material is aesthetically adjusted to each location and is lower maintenance than gravel alone since it does not need regular raking. Once laid, the surface is somewhat permeable to water and therefore does not easily hold puddles or generate rapid surface runoff.

To see an example of a Hoggin Path, go to Buffalo Beach, Whitianga

Hahei Village Work Program – 2018

Traffic Management

We work with TCDC to improve traffic movements in our village. For example we met with TCDC staff on 31 May 2018 to explain urgent traffic management issues in Hahei. Here is copy of a letter we sent to TCDC recording the issues we discussed. Letter To TCDC Roading Upgrades In Hahei

Here is the current list of items we are working on. If we have missed anything or you have any comments, please tell us.

Grange Road Car Park

Item Details Action Completed to 31 March 2018 Action Planned to 30 June 2019 Status
Drop-off Area Provide safe walkway Drop off/Pick up area to start of Walkway, including bridging drain Awaiting TCDC to action/budget Completed
Pay & Display Sign Sign to advise visitors how and what to pay. Pay here stickers to be installed and sign to be installed on back of existing signage Awaiting response from TCDC staff Completed
Disabled Car Parking Disabled carparks were to be remarked to correct size Disabled carparks will remain at the existing size; with the new fencing installation there is no ability to make these any wider. Should be reviewed. Not Beiing Achieved
Summer Fencing A post and rail fence to be installed for Summer To be completed 5 December
should be on target
Not Beiing Achieved
Bollards to be removed Several on the footpath by bus stop to be removed so that passengers can hop on/off shuttle easily. Sue Costello will discuss this with Gary (Go-Kiwi) Revised but on Schedule
Parking Income Hahei Community would like to know income from parking and fines from September TCDC will provide On Track
Rubbish bins Rubbish bins for car park and Cathedral Cove beach Rubbish bins at the beach are the responsibility of DOC – we understand they have a “pack-in/packout
– The concession holder is required to have rubbish bins for their customers.
– The car park will have increased bins in that area only, over the peak period.
On Track
Visitor Seating Need seating on grass area as walkers wait for bus One seat installed, one to come On Track
Drop off signage Permanent Drop off/Pick up Signage needs Ordered 9 November 2018 Revised but on Schedule
Broken footpath repaired By walkway including bridging drain. Meeting with contractor to look at options in the week commencing 26/11/2018. RFS initiated February 2018 Revised but on Track

Visitor Car Park

# Item Details Current Status
1 Seal repairs throughout car park Several pot holes need repairs Entrance has been done as part of seal repairs to Hahei Beach Road, contractor has been engaged
to undertake the work. Marking will be done after the seal repair
2 Provide Extra Parking for summer Removal of top soil to give more parking space Top soil pile will not be removed – at this stage there is no other place to move it to and moving it is an expensive exercise. It is not suitable for filling the “pond” or spreading out as it is slushy when wet. Plan B needed if car park becomes full.
3 Allow removal of deer fence More space may be needed Due to H&S requirements, the deer fence cannot be removed
4 Tidy up Advertising Concession holders to ensure signage is tidy and not interfering with shuttle passengers Allan Tiplady to email Hahei Business Association
To be completed before Christmas 2018
5 Bus Stop Area to be tidied up Level area where passengers await bus -Drain exposed To be completed prior to Christmas
6 Entrance Gate installation not complete Test, repair, and remove construction fence Contractor is waiting for parts; once parts are received the gate should be open between 7:00am and 7:00pm.
– Options are being considered for a solid fence for around the gate
7 Campervan Signage Campervan area to be marked clearly Campervan signage on the campervan parks will be marked after the seal repairs are completed. Overdue, needed before Christmas
8 Cover drain by Information Board Safety issue There are no simple options for covering the drain as piping it will cause it to block on the corner.
Staff to look at options.
9 Pedestrian Counter by exit to Pa Road Will provide data on how many walk from car park TCDC investigating
10 Car park extension Use of TIF funds To start after Easter 2019
11 Bus Shade cloth Go Kiwi shade cloth/TCDC anchor posts Required for summer/Xmax peak passenger time

Hahei Village

# Item Details Current Status
1 Safe Walkway on Hahei Beach Rd Safe walkway to be installed. Left side Hahei Beach Rd from Grange Rd to Beach. Cones to be installed on corner of Dawn
Avenue & Hahei Beach Road and Harsant Avenue & Hahei Beach Road
Letter sent to Residents, will be installed mid December
2 Campervan Parking restrictions in Village Persuade Campervan drivers to go directly to Visitor Car Park TCDC needs to review of all options
3 Upgrade Walk Signage in Village Install additional signs throughout Hahei to make sure visitors can easily find their way to Cathedral Cove and beach Installed 30 Nov 2018
4 Transfer DoC land at Beach Car Park to TCDC Control Front beach area owned by DoC. Need to transfer management, similar to Grange Rd Car Park, to TCDC so parking can be managed Been in train since December 2017
5 Road verges into Hahei Need tidying up and safer shoulders Awaiting TCDC advice from May
6 Community Centre car park, People parking over yellow lines at the Community Centre car park, blocking parking Car park to be remarked prior to Christmas
7 Three Waters Upgrade Program for LTP investment plan for water and sewage to be finalised Spoke to Bruce Hinson who advised that a consultant was being engaged
8 Storm Water Marking A ratepayer request for better signage for stormwater drains – not enough information provided Follow up with Bruce Hinson
9 TIF Investment Outline design to be developed for review at public meeting in January 2019 Ross Ashby to send date for public meeting.
10 Summer Enforcement TCDC do undertake 2 patrols per day, including early morning Needs urgent review – at least 4 times per day minimum and new p60 outside store not included
11 Parking on Grange Road above Tutaritari Road Needs some form of barrier to prevent parking, improve safety for vehicles coming down Grange Road TCDC asked to review decion not to do anything

Roading in Hahei

# Item Details Current Status
1 Parking Restrictions at Store Install Parking Signs/road markings Scheduled before 20 December
2 Bus Stop at Store Temporary bus stop on Hahei Beach Road Scheduled before 20 December
3 Additional Pedestrian Crossing Pedestrian Crossing near new bus stop Awaiting TCDC advice from May
4 Store Parking Parallel parks outside store to be angle parking Awaiting TCDC advice from May
5 Store Parking on Grange Rd unsafe First car park space on Grange Road by pedestrian crossing to be removed Awaiting TCDC advice from May
6 Indicative Pedestrian Crossing to be upgraded Painted pedestrian crossings on Pa and Grange Rd to be upgraded Awaiting TCDC advice from May
7 Upgrade Road Signage throughout Hahei Needs to be clearer, particularly signs prior to Visitor Car Park Awaiting TCDC advice from May
8 Village Speed Limit Local support to reduce Max Speed to 40k/hr. Under review by TCDC
9 Review Community Centre car park use Consider any time restrictions, use by locals and little by visitors To be reviewd by Hahei community
10 Road verges into Hahei Need tidying up and safer shoulders Awaiting TCDC advice from May
11 Road Signage to Hahei and Cathedral Hahei and Cathedral Cove should be a common destination. The 4 signs from Dalmeny Corner should say same distance for Hahei and Cathedral Cove Awaiting TCDC advice from May
12 Traffic Counters Install Traffic Counters like last summer RFS 936096 logged to request traffic counters as per last year. Verbal confirmation from TCDC
roading that this will be actioned as requested
13 Patricia Place No Parking lines Patricia Place no parking lines to be re-marked, RFS 938102 logged to Roading contractor

Water and Wastewater Management

We work with TCDC to improve water and wastewater in our village. The LTP 2018 – 2028 allocated $1.8m ito investigate options of water and sewage in Hahei and other locations in the Coromandel. Following the approval of the LPT  in June, 2018, we regularly request TCDC start work in Hahei. We now understand that the terms of reference for a consultant will be prepared early 2019. We hope that a consultant will be appointed soon as upgrading both water and wastewater infrastructure in Hahei is very important.

In the meantime, go here for more information. Hahei Sewage Upgrade

Traffic Survey Results and TCDC Response

Traffic Survey

Firstly, we would like to thank the 265 people who completed the survey. This a fabulous response is and very powerful statement of what the Hahei community wants. Below is summary of answers to the questions. If you would like to read all responses (45 pages) click here. Completed Survey

Next Steps – TCDC Decisions

Over the passed few months, your committee has been working with TCDC Staff and elected members to improve traffic and visitor management in Hahei. Recently the TCDC Infrastructure Committee had a workshop and at the TCDC 26 June Council meeting, staff delivered a paper for Council to consider. You can read the paper here.Hahei Parking Council Paper or here. It is item 3.4

Your committee was very disappointed with staff recommendations – do nothing/prepare a report – and so we decided to give a presentation to Council. The presentation explains that we need to get on top of traffic management in Hahei and doing nothing was the least supported option in Traffic Survey. You can read the presentation here.Council Meeting 2018 6 26 Hahei Presentation

In response, the Mayor and Council resolved at the meeting that

  1. Receives the “Amendments to the Parking Control Bylaw 2014 – Hahei Report dated 6 June 2018
  2. Approves out of cycle funding to expand the Visitor Car Park as soon as possible, up to $175,000 of council funding
  3. Instruction staff to schedule Council workshop to discuss the Hahei parking issues and options for a bylaw change with any bylaw change to be adopted by 30 October 2018 for 1 December 2018 implementation.

What this means is that the Visitor Car Park will be expanded to 500 vehicles prior to Christmas, and Council will consider our traffic survey and recommendations in detail, and do something, by 1 December 2018.

This is great result of Hahei and we thank the Mayor and Council for their leadership in moving ahead decisively.

Your responses to the survey identify numerous details that need to incorporated into any changes to parking in Hahei. However, there are some areas were we have overwhelming agreement. For instance, 90% agree traffic controls must be seasonal.

We will continue to work closely with Council and make sure your views, as expressed in the Survey, are incorporated in any changes to traffic management in Hahei

Hahei Traffic Documentation

As we have worked with TCDC to solve Hahei’s Traffic challenges, we have developed a number of key documents. Here is list for your to download and review. If you have any comments, please post them below.

  1. TCDC initial High Level Traffic Plan for South Mercury Bay. Note – there have been many changes to this plan since  it was presented to the Mercury Bay Community Board in 2016 . Parking Strategy High Level Action Plan
  2. Mercury Bay Community Board Interim Traffic Management Plan. Parking Strategy Attachment A  
  3. TCDC Staff prepared a draft plan bylaw options for Hahei. It is subject to review by Council Here it is. Parking Control Bylaw 2014 Changes (Hahei). 
  4. HR&RA letter recommended action plan. Letter To TCDC Implementation Of Parking Plan
  5. TCDC held a traffic workshop to  discuss traffic in Hahei. Here is a copy of a presentation providing background information. TCDC Hahei Traffic Workshop May 2018 Presentation

TCDC Response to our LTP 2019 – 2029 Submissions

On your behalf, we submitted two submissions to the draft Long Term Plan (LTP); one representing Hot Water Beach, Hahei and Mercury Bay South (Cooks Beach) Resident and Ratepayers Associations, and one focused on on Hahei issues. To read our submissions, click here. We also made a combined presentation to Council. You can read our presentation here.

TCDC staff have reviewed our submission and delivered their recommendations to a special TCDC Council meeting. You can download TCDC staff’s recommendations by clicking here

However, to save you time, here is a summary of TCDC’s staff recommendations.

Responses to Combined Hot Water Beach/Hahei/Mercury Bay South Submission

Upgrade Dalmeny Corner Road and Bridge

  • Funding to cover the cost of studies that will lead to a community supported long term solution. The engineering study should address flooding, drainage of nearby properties, bridge design options and prepare budget costs
  • Discuss options with NZTA
  • Install vehicle counting equipment to measure vehicle flows from 1 December to 30 April every year.
  • Include estimated cost of bridge and road upgrade in year 3 of the LTP. Since there have already been several engineering studies, we expect TCDC will be able to estimate the budget costs easily.
  • Staff considered the first 3 bullet points on the submission and recommended an investigation takes place.
  • Approved a budget of $50,000 investigation into Dalmeny’s Corner.
  • We look forward to seeing results of investigation and construction of new bridge soon.

Cathedral Coast Walk Project

  • Put all work on the Walk on hold and reassess project viability during the development of the Walk to the 2021 – 31 Long Term Plan
  • Proceed with the planned upgrade of Lees Road paid from District Transport
  • Allocate surplus funds to Upgrade Newtons Bridge and Dalmeny Corner Flood mitigation
  • Stop the RMA Consent process associated with the Walk.

Was not reviewed as Walk had been approved in annual budget

TCDC leadership have publicly stated that the Walk is on hold until Hahei’s infrastructure is upgraded. We continue to work with TCDC to deliver on their promise.

Control Freedom Camping and Compliance Enforcement

  • Change Rules in District Plan to allow additional freedom camper numbers on rural properties, providing their neighbours agree.
  • Appoint a TCDC Enforcement traffic officer to be based in South Mercury Bay over the busy summer months.
  • Appoint residents to assist the TCDC Enforcement officer based in our area.
  • Freedom Camping – Do not initiate a review of the Freedom Camping Bylaw 2014 or rules on freedom camping in the Proposed District Plan until there is greater clarity on what changes to the national freedom camping regulatory framework may be
  • Compliance Enforcement – rejects recommendation. Our recommendation was for additional enforcement during busy holiday season, but staff misleadingly state that the annual cost of one additional compliance staff would be $115,000 per year or $5 per ratepayer. We only need additional compliance for 3 months maximum, $30,000, $1.25/ratepayer. We recommend fewer compliance officers for the rest of the year reducing the overall compliance budget.  TCDC calculations also ignores additional revenues that better enforcement would generate
  • Appoint Residents to Assist in Compliance – ignored

We will continue to develop options to alleviate chronic Freedom Camping problem. We watch national developments with great interest

Provide Green Waste Transfer Station

  • Include cost of a study to examine green waste transfer options for South Mercury Bay area.
  • Budget CAPEX cost of $200,000 to be spent in year-2 of the LTP
  • Consider inviting private sector waste management organisations to provide the services required
  • Investigate the costs and logistics of providing a green waste service in Mercury Bay South in 2018/19.
  • Additional budget for this investigation is proposed in below under Solid Waste Investigation

Monitor TCDC actions

Managing Local Tourist Infrastructure – Financial Reporting

  • Commitment from TCDC to implement a tourism management plan aimed at maximising user pays tourist income by empowering local communities to implement the principles set out in the Revenue Policy paper
  • Bring our infrastructure up to date through borrowings (Internal?) and funded from future revenue streams
  • A statement that Council will support local communities in the development of tourism business plans and invest in tourist infrastructure, supported by future revenue streams
  • Noted but no action reccomended

Monitor TCDC actions

Mercury Bay Operational Expenditure 2018 to 2021

  • Increase library grants to $3,900 pa
  • Increase the litter and sanitary service to twice daily during the peak period and long weekends in the Hot Water Beach, Hahei, Cooks Beach and Ferry Landing areas.
  • Noted but no action reccomended
  • Kept at current level with adjustment for inflation. Inflated level not quantified.
  • Public convenience cleaning to be 4 times per day from 23 December to 7 February each year for the following facilities:
    • Hot Water Main Beach
    • Hot Water Beach Bull Paddock
    • Hahei Visitor car park
    • Hahei Grange Road
    • Hahei Beachfront
    • Hahei Central reserve
    • Whangapoua (Mangakahia Reserve)

Support for Surf Life Saving

  • Allocate to Hot Water Beach Lifeguards, $20,000 per year from revenues generated at the Hot Water Beach Car Parks.
  • Waikato Regional Council responsible for funding life saving. No funding from TCDC

Make sure Waikato Regional Council provides funding

Responses to Hahei Submission

Hahei Tourism and Traffic Management

Expand Village Car Park to 500+ Capacity

The Village entrance car park is the most important component of the Hahei traffic management plan. It must be ‘Fit for purpose’ and provide:

  • A safe environment to accommodate the peak demand of at least 500 vehicles
  • Facilities to manage the daily 1,200 to 1,500 people utilising the return bus service and who traverse the village on foot.
  • Provide rest and recreation facilities such picnic tables, tourist information, space for Hahei tour operators to collect their clients

We request that the LTP 2019/20 funding of $172,000 for the Hahei Village Car park extension be re-allocated to 2018/19, along with any funding that may be needed to complete the car park.

All that is required is that the redundant overflow wastewater treatment pond, adjacent to the sealed area of the Hahei Visitor car park, is made available as a peak parking area by December 2018 at the latest – levelled, compacted, grassed.

Complete Stage 2 of Hahei Traffic Management Plan

We request that TCDC undertake stage 2 of the Traffic Management plan which includes the parking control of Hahei Beach Road and surrounds. This will generate the parking revenue we require. The draft LTP specifies $190,000 allocated to the Hahei Beach car park and landscaping in 2020/21. We request this is brought forward into 2018/19

Complete Construction of Hahei Visitor Car Park.

A number of minor works are required to complete the construction Visitor Car Park and bring it up to standard. It must provide a great experience for visitors entering Hahei.

Hahei Village Tourist Management Upgrades

See submission for details

Ignored our recommendation.

  • Council supports expansion of the Village Car Park.
  • Supports the concept of the development of a Walkable Village concept.

Development of a Walking Village

  • Funding in 2018/19 for qualified adviser to develop the Walking Village Concept. We recommend budget of $50,000 in first year of LTP, 2018/19.
  • Funding to implement in Walking Village concept in Hahei. We recommend including $600,000 every year of the first 3 years of the LPT, i.e. from 2019 to 2022.
  • Funding in 2019/2021 to upgrade roading at entrance Village Car Park
  • Funding in 2018/19 to make the 2 walkways through Kotare Reserve all weather, with appropriate signage and funding in 2019/20 for the walkway to Wigmore end of the beach

Ignored our recommendation.

Write to your local councillors

Upgrade Hahei Water Systems

  • The draft LTP states“Over the first four years of the Long-Term Plan, we will be undertaking investigations into extending existing wastewater and water supply services to unconnected properties in Hahei, Wharekaho, and areas surrounding Thames. These investigations, at a total cost of $1.8M, will inform our projects in future Long-Term Plan”While we appreciate the commitment to spend $1.8M on investigations, the people of Hahei need urgent action. We cannot wait four years, as the draft LPT states, for TCDC to deliver safe drinking water to residents and tourists in Hahei.We request the LTP is revised to state‘TCDC will undertake and investigation in Hahei’s potable water needs, commencing in August 2018, and completed by December 2018. During January, February, March 2019, TCDC will consult with Hahei community on safe potable water options, and based on the outcome of these negotiations, include in TCDC’s Annual Budget for 2019/20 costs for upgrading Hahei’s potable water supply’.

Undertake study in Year 1 of LTP

Monitor progress

Upgrade Hahei Sewage Collection and Treatment Systems

  • The draft LTP states‘Over the first four years of the Long-Term Plan, we will be undertaking investigations into extending existing wastewater and water supply services to unconnected properties in Hahei, Wharekaho, and areas surrounding Thames. These investigations, at a total cost of $1.8M, will inform our projects in future Long-Term Plan’.While we appreciate the commitment to spend $1.8M on investigations, the people of Hahei need urgent action. We cannot wait four years for action to be taken on sewage treatment in Hahei. The existing plant has spare capacity and so at least initially, TCDC should consult with the Hahei community to expand the collection system to the maximum allowable as determined by the existing treatment plant’s capacity. Potentially, this could make a huge difference to the water quality in the Wigmore StreamWhile the expansion of the collection system is occurring, TCDC should undertake the necessary investigation into long term Hahei sewage system and consult with the Hahei Community.We request the LTP is revised to state‘TCDC will undertake and investigation in Hahei’s sewage system and expand the sewage collection system to properties that are either adjacent to the treatment plant or those that will have largest impact on the quality of the Wigmore Stream. This work will be completed during 2019/20.

    TCDC will also conduct an investigation into the long-term sewerage treatment needs of the Hahei community. The investigation will be completed by March 2019 when TCDC will conduct consultations with the Hahei Community. Following consultation, TCDC will investigate funding options with a view to implement a long-term sewage treatment solution for Hahei from 2020’.

Undertake study in Year 1 of LTP

Monitor progress

Minor Works Management

  • Increase annual funding for Public Convenience renewals, ($80,000), Footpath rehabilitation ($40,000), Footpath construction ($300,000), Parks and Reserves Renewals, ($200,000), and other minor budgets by 50%.
  • Provided detailed list of works that will be funded for the first 3 years of the LTP.
  • Explore alternative funding options.

Various recommendations

Council agreed to allocate the following sums

  • $140,000 per year for reserves minor works and
  • $192,000 per year for reserves renewals
  • $71,000 per year for public convenience renewals
  • $39,000 per year for footpath rehabilitation
  • $278,000 per year for footpath construction.

Long Term Plan 2019-2029 Presentation

Your Association made a presentation to support our LTP submission to TCDC Councillors on 1 May in Whitianga.

The presentation was made with our colleagues from Hot Water Beach Ratepayers Association and Mercury Bay South Residents and Ratepayers Association.

Feed back from councillors was that they were very impressed with the presentation and it was well received.  You can read the presentation here. Whitianga Presentation Final

We look forward to working TCDC to implement our recommendations.