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Wigmore Stream Water Quality

TCDC has agreed to provide Hahei Residents and Ratepayers Association with water quality test results from the Wigmore Estuary on a  regular basis.

Here is a copy of the agreement, HRRA TCDC Water Testing MOU

Samples are taken monthly except over the busy holiday season when they are taken weekly.

They are taken from the estuary of the Wigmore Stream as shown here.

As agreed in the above Agreement, samples are taken as described in the Wastewater Treatment Plant Resource Consent. This states that “samples to be collected within the period 1 hour either side of local low tide during daylight hours.”

You can download the Wastewater Treatment Plant Resource Consent here. Hahei WWTP Consent renew2030

Sampling Location

Hahei Beach Wigmore Stream Sample Point

Clearing Wigmore Stream Blockage

It is the responsibility of TCDC and Veolia (who is the TCDC Water/Wastewater contractor), to open up the Wigmore Stream when required.

If you see the stream is blocked, ANYONE can file a Request for Service with TCDC by either:

It will be actioned by an earthmoving contractor, such as Donovan’s after Thames-Coromandel District Council/Veolia authorizes them.

Donovan’s, or any other earthmoving contractor, cannot be engaged to clear the stream by members of the community or community groups.

A summary of the results of these tests is shown below.

DateE. ColiEnterococciAmmoniacal Nitrogen (as N) mg/lSample Time/Weather Prior to Sample/Comments
2021/05/041,2001,1000.29No rain since April 22. Village quiet but was busy over Easter and school holidays
2021/04/052315<0.005No rain since March23. Village quiet
2021/03/0242<1.60.04No rain since Feb 15. Village emptied out after holidays
2021/02/141,2004700.094Approxx 10mm rain on Feb 11-12. Village emptying out after holidays
2021/02/085,30011,0000.062Approxx 60mm rain on Feb 7/8. Village full. Good example of how heavy rain effects water quality
2021/02/0335082<0.005No rain. Village full.
2021/01/2632,00075,0000.048Approxx 30mm rain on Jan 25/26. Village full. Good example of how heavy rain effects water quality
2022/01/2166600.0212mm rain on Jan 15/16. Otherwise hot and dry Village full
2022/01/13220400.292mm rain on Jan 07. Otherwise hot and dry Village full
2021/12/294801,1000.54mm rain on 28/29 Dec prior to test. Village full
2021/12/213974<.0.005Last rain on Dec 16 5 days prior to test. Village filling up for Xmas break
2021/11/02220540.043No Rain for week prior to test. Village empty
2021/10/05460720.035Rain (20mm) on morning of Oct 4. Clear Oct 5. Village empty
2021/09/1511,0006,5000.046Taken during heay rain. Wigmore flooding.
2021/08/171,100820.034TIme Not Recorded. Apporx 10mm rain in previous 7 days. Wigmore flowing clear. Village quiet
2021/07/06120820.07708:45. No rain in previous 7 days. Wigmore flowing clear. Village quiet
2021/06/152,1002,6000.06715 mm rain 15 June. Wigmore flowing with discoloured water. Village quiet
2021/05/175506700.01230mm rain 15 May. Wigmore flowing with discoloured water. Village quiet
2021/04/227407300.05930mm rain 21 April. School holidays so more people in village
2021/03/231803200.01915mm rain 18 March. Very Quiet in Village
2021/02/192103600.07770mm rain 15 Feb. Quiet in Village
2021/01/2028210.028No rain. Busy holiday season
2021/01/251201200.051No rain. Busy holiday season
2021/01/2090960.0416mm rain morning 20 Jan. Busy holiday season
2021/01/142403300.25No rain. Busy holiday season
2021/01/065103501.1 40mm Rain 3 Jan, then dry hot weather. Busy holiday season
2020/12/312520.151No Rain. Last rain on 24 Dec. Busy
2020/12/22981100.037LIght rain (8mm) on sample day
2020/12/1625210.31No rain, last rain (20mm) on 10 Dec
2020/10/051150.044No rain
2020/09/071,8003,0000.1Raining day of sample
2020/08/28460300.2Heavy Rain (43mm) on 23 Aug
2020/07/152401300.1Light Rain on 6 July. No more prior to sample
2020/06/173905400.1Light Rain on 17 June. No more prior to sample
2020/05/281,400480<0.4Heavy Rain (43mm) on 23 Aug
2018/06/1817,0005,000<0.4Significant rain over 2 weeks prior to sample. Raining on day sample taken
2018/02/111,7002,200Heavy Rain (37mm) 8-12 Feb 2018
2018/02/022,300530Rain (14 mm) 2 Jan 2018
2018/01/26650840Light rain (14mm) 18 Jan 2018
2018/01/174011No rain in previous week
2018/01/10600410Heavy Rain (40mm) 4 Jan 2018

All levels are reported as cfu/100 ml

To set these results in perspective, the Ministry of Environment provides guidelines for Recreational Fresh Water. These guidelines state that the maximum levels for E Coli   is 550 cfu/100ml and Entrococci is 280 cfu/100ml. As you can see, the water quality in the Wigmore frequently exceeds the maximum level. High levels normally occur during and after rainfall when stormwater washes organic material into the stream.

Our recommendation is to avoid swimming in the Wigmore Stream, particularly when it is raining and for a day or so afterwards

For detailed information on guidelines for recreational water quality in Seawater and Fresh Water, see NZ Ministry of Environment Guidelines here. Microbiological Quality Jun03. Go to table E2 in this publication.

Here is a summary of the recommendations.

Lab Test Results can be viewed by clicking here.

Waikato Regional Council Coastal Recreational Water Quality Monitoring Programme.

Waikato Regional Council (WRC) monitors beaches in the Coromandel. Click here to see the latest information. 

When reviewing WRC data however, note that only seawater from beaches is sampled. We think it is important to also monitor streams that flow into the ocean as many children like to play in the stream estuaries.