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2018 AGM Meeting Report

The Hahei Residents and Ratepayers 2017/18 AGM took place on Easter Sunday, April 1 in the Community Hall.

In spite of being a wonderful late summers day, over 50 residents attended the meeting. Also present was TCDC Councillor Murray McLean, Mercury Bay Community Board member Bill McLean, and TCDC Local Manager, Allan Tiplady.

Key issues covered at the meeting were

  • Name change and Rules update – The proposed name change and new rules were unanimously agreed. We are now Hahei Residents and Ratepayers Association. The new rules are here Hahei Residents And Ratepayers Association Rules Constitution 2018 Final
  • Traffic Management – Gilbert Bannan discussed action we are taking to manage the ever increasing visitor numbers to Hahei. Traffic counters recorded up to 6278 vehicles per day coming in and out of Hahei. The Visitor Car Park is being well used – more than 300 vehicles were squeezed into a car park designed for 180 vehicles. The closing the Grange Rd Car Park to drop off only halved the traffic on Grange road and was considered a success. He thanked TCDC staff for their support but noted that much more needs to be done to be manage the forecast growth in visitor numbers. You can see Gilbert’s presentation here.
  • Walking Village Concept Development – Local property owner, Terry Gould gave a very interesting presentation on his experience developing shared space in downtown Auckland. The concept is to turn streets in spaces when pedestrians have priority and cars guests. A good example is Fort Street, Auckland. You can see his presentation here .Hahei Walking Village. There was general agreement that the concept could work in Hahei. Terry will continue to develop the concept so we can obtain support from TCDC leadership.
  • Hahei Sewage –  John North provided background information on the environmental challenges Hahei faces. Data shows the Wigmore Stream is unsuitable for swimming. TCDC will be providing Wigmore Stream analyses, and these will published as they are received. Go to Wigmore Stream Results.  John explained that there was pollution throughout Hahei and surroundings and we all need to work together as community to fix the pollution. As example, septic tanks and on-site treatment plants should be checked at least annually. Click here to see John’s presentation.
  • Social Media – Bill Stead and Penne Clayton reported that our emails, Facebook, and websites were being followed more and more. Click to see their presentation
  • TCDC Long Term Plan – Bill Stead updated the meeting on the LTP process. For more information, click here
  • Treasurers Report – Cathy Baloghy provided an overview of our finances. For details click here. It was agreed that annual subscription fees would remain as $20.00.
  • Committee for 2018/19 – Bill Stead welcomed the new  committee members and thanked those who had served on the committee for the passed 12 months.
  • Memorial Garden – Christine Bannan updated the meeting on the development of Memorial Garden. You can see her presentation here. More details can be found here.
  • Parks and Reserves – Karen Blair gave an overview of the activities of our wonderful Reserves group. They are making amazing progress in beautifying Hahei – reducing pests, helping to clean the Wigmore Stream with plantings, etc. TCDC will be updating their Reserve Management Plan (it is 10 years old) soon, and she will be seeking input from the Hahei Community.

Finally, Penne Clayton was presented with a wonderful Ginney Deavoll painting in appreciation of the fabulous work she does for Hahei. She was given a standing ovation.

The meeting closed 4.00pm


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