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Election 2022 – Candidate Views on Hahei Issues

Hahei Residents and Ratepayers Association invited candidates for TCDC leadership positions to provide their views on key Hahei issues. We wanted to understand their position on the following topics which are frequently discussed in Hahei.

  1. Hahei Reticulated Sewage – What do you propose doing about it? It continually gets delayed. Are you happy for further development to occur in Hahei with no reticulated sewage system?
  2. Three Waters – If you don’t support the proposed Three Waters reform, how do you propose Council pay for sewage and water in Hahei
  3. Hahei Drinking Water – Approximately half of Hahei properties are provided with non-potable water. Are you concerned? What do you propose to do about it.
  4. Hahei Village Development – many Hahei residents are concerned about the expansion and development of Hahei. What is your position?
  5. Expansion of te Whanganui a Hei Marine Reserve/SeaChange Initiative – Do you support the expansion of marine protected areas as proposed in the SeaChange Program?
  6. Climate Change/Coastal Degradation – We are concerned that properties in Hahei will become uninsurable due to climate change. What is your strategy to mitigate the effects of climate change and who pays?

Here are their responses.

Mayoral Candidates

Click on the following links for their response to our questions

Mercury Bay Council Candidates

Click on the following links for their response to our questions

Mercurry Bay Community Board Candidates

We have had no response to our questions – sorry. For your information, you can find some information in the Whitianga Informer

The candidates are

  • Caroline Hobman
  • Billie Hunter
  • Bess Kingi
  • Peter MacKenzie
  • Krissy Robinson


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