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Hahei Sewage Treatment Plant – Compliant in 2020/21

2020/21 Reports show Sewage Treatment Plant is now compliant


Sewage Treatment Plant Performance Reviews for 2020/21 by Tonkin & Taylor and Veolia

Each year, in accordance with the RMA Consent, TCDC must arrange for Veolia and an independent adviser to report on the sewage treatment plant’s performance. Here are the reports

  • Tonkin &Taylor Report. You can download their report here.

210617. Hahei WWTP 2021 Ecological Monitoring Report Final1.

It shows that the plant is operating in accordance with its resource consent. Their only recommendation to TCDC is

“…Veolia notify TCDC of the high coliform bacteria concentrations results so that signage can be checked and reviewed for warnings of swimming and shellfish collection in the estuary mouth.”

  • Veolia Reports. You can download their reports here.

2020 21 Hahei WWTP Annual Report 135636 DRAFT

Appendix A 0420 0321 Hahei WWTP Annual Report 135636

Appendix B Hahei WWTP Outflow Meter

Appendix C 135636.01.01 Condition 15 Wigmore Manual Gauging Feb2019

Appendix D 1007585.1010 Hahei WWTP Data Report Final Signed (1)

Appendix E Hahei WWTP Monitoring Implementation Plan 2020 Draft

Appendix F Hahei WWTP Contingency Plan 2020 Draft

Appendix G Hahei WWTP Management Plan 2020 Draft

Waikato Regional Council (WRC) Review.

During most of 2018 HR&RA committee members were aware that the Hahei Sewage Treatment Plant was not operating in accordance with its Resource Management Act discharge standards. In particular, the levels of E Coli were consistently above the allowable limits.

In response to our requests, WRC conducted a review of the plant. You can read the WRC reports here


Site compliance report Hahei WWTP

These reports state that the Overall Site Compliance is considered to be “Significant Non Compliant“. The report contains a number of actions for TCDC to undertake.

We recommend you read the reports in detail.

Action by TCDC.

Since the compliance report was issued on 7 March 2019, we have asked TCDC to  tell us what action they are taking to ensure that the plant operates in compliance with its discharge standards.

Disappointingly, TCDC staff have not provided an update, so we have written to the Mercury Bay Community Board requesting an update. See our letter here Hahei Water Sewage.

The letter is to be considered at the Mercury Bay Community Board Meeting 28th August 2019 at 10.00 am. If you are interested in the performance of our sewage treatment plant, we recommend you attend the meeting.


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