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Hahei Wastewater Upgrade

Sewage Feasibility Study – 2020

In 2019, TCDC appointed Harrison and Grierson (H&G) to prepare water and sewage expansion feasibility studies for Hahei. You can download the sewage feasibility study here. Hahei Wastewater Expansion Feasibility Study Final. Hahei Residents and Ratepayers Association reviewed the H&G study and submitted a letter with comments/questions. You can read the letter here. HRRA Draft Hahei Water And Sewage Feasibility Study Comments Final. A meeting with TCDC/H&G and various interested parties took place in Whitianga on 24 September 2020 to discuss the H&G feasibility study and HRRA letter. The Minutes of the meeting can be downloaded here. Hahei Water and Wastewater Feasibility Study Meeting Minutes 24 September 2020


In the TCDC Long Term Plan 2018/2028, there is a commitment to develop a comprehensive plan to collect and then treat all sewage in Hahei. In addition, all Hahei water systems will be upgraded as appropriate. The whole process is expected to take several years to complete. For more details download TCDC’s letter sent to residents. TCDC Letter Hahei Wastewater And Water Supply Systems 9 August 2017 In January, we met with TCDC to discuss their overall strategy for upgrading water and wastewater systems in Hahei. It was explained that TCDC would invite consultants to examine the challenges that Hahei faces in relation to water and wastewater. We were invited to send them a letter outlining the local issues to ensure that the consultant would address them. Here is a copy of letter we sent. Hahei Water And Wastewater TOR TCDC TCDC responded to our request with this email. RE Hahei Water And Wastewater Upgrade. As you can see, our focus is to ensure that TCDC and their consultants spend as much time with our community as possible, explaining all the issues and the financial implications associated with each option.

Emma Place Upgrade

In 2019, TCDC installed water distribution piping and sewer collection systems in Emma Place. At the TCDC Council meeting on 19 February 2019, a paper was presented explaining construction costs and payments they wish to collect from ratepayers. EmmaPlace TCDC Council Paper 2019 1 23 As you can see, TCDC is expecting ratepayers to pay $23,288 either as a lump sum or spread over a number of years. Also, TCDC charges for all services at rates that were approved for FY 2018/19. Click here for details. TCDC Rates 2018 19 See para 7 for sewage and para 11 for water. This means that each ratepayer pays $510.81 for water and $832.52 for wastewater. Rates vary somewhat and to understand your exact rates, you should read the document in detail. After extended negotiations, TCDC reached agreement with all affected parties


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