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Traffic Survey Results and TCDC Response

Traffic Survey

Firstly, we would like to thank the 265 people who completed the survey. This a fabulous response is and very powerful statement of what the Hahei community wants. Below is summary of answers to the questions. If you would like to read all responses (45 pages) click here. Completed Survey

Next Steps – TCDC Decisions

Over the passed few months, your committee has been working with TCDC Staff and elected members to improve traffic and visitor management in Hahei. Recently the TCDC Infrastructure Committee had a workshop and at the TCDC 26 June Council meeting, staff delivered a paper for Council to consider. You can read the paper here.Hahei Parking Council Paper or here. It is item 3.4

Your committee was very disappointed with staff recommendations – do nothing/prepare a report – and so we decided to give a presentation to Council. The presentation explains that we need to get on top of traffic management in Hahei and doing nothing was the least supported option in Traffic Survey. You can read the presentation here.Council Meeting 2018 6 26 Hahei Presentation

In response, the Mayor and Council resolved at the meeting that

  1. Receives the “Amendments to the Parking Control Bylaw 2014 – Hahei Report dated 6 June 2018
  2. Approves out of cycle funding to expand the Visitor Car Park as soon as possible, up to $175,000 of council funding
  3. Instruction staff to schedule Council workshop to discuss the Hahei parking issues and options for a bylaw change with any bylaw change to be adopted by 30 October 2018 for 1 December 2018 implementation.

What this means is that the Visitor Car Park will be expanded to 500 vehicles prior to Christmas, and Council will consider our traffic survey and recommendations in detail, and do something, by 1 December 2018.

This is great result of Hahei and we thank the Mayor and Council for their leadership in moving ahead decisively.

Your responses to the survey identify numerous details that need to incorporated into any changes to parking in Hahei. However, there are some areas were we have overwhelming agreement. For instance, 90% agree traffic controls must be seasonal.

We will continue to work closely with Council and make sure your views, as expressed in the Survey, are incorporated in any changes to traffic management in Hahei

Hahei Traffic Management Plan

Hahei Residents and Ratepayers Association has been working with TCDC to develop a plan to improve parking and traffic management in Hahei. It is the subject of ongoing negotiations. However, you can read the current plan here.  Hahei Parking Community BD Paper

There are a lot of details in the plan and we’d really like you to read it closely. Let us know what you think. Here are some key points

  • Control and Management Agreement – DoC has agreed to handover the control of the control of the Grange Rd Car Park and the Hahei Front Beach Car Park to TCDC. This is key first step.
  • Grange Road Car park – This will become a drop-off only park during the summer and a pay and display park during he winter
  • Beach Front Car Park – This will become a pay and display car park all year.
  • On Street Parking – A number of streets have identified where we think that residents only should park. This is subject to a publicly notified consultation process and may be expanded or reduced.
  • Hahei Visitors Car Park –  Once we have implemented the above, the Hahei Visitors Car Park may become pay and display also.
  • Review – There will be regular monitoring and review of the new plan. Adjustments will be made as required.
  • Hahei Village Centre Update – A Village Centre traffic management update group will created to advise on changes to needed in the centre of Hahei.
  • Park and Ride Bus – This will operate from 1 October to 30 April each year, based on demand.
  • Pay and Display Resident Free Parking Permit – All residents will be able obtain a free parking permit so Hahei residents car park in Pay and Display car parks in Hahei and Hot Water Beach.